100% Solutions to serve as clients' Full-Service Provider in improving all facets of their day to day operations.
PROTOTYPE IT  Technicians are Certified in Advanced IT and Cybersecurity Solutions.  214


Designing and implementing a more efficient, cost-effective IT environment can streamline your organizations operations. The team of experts at Prototype IT Consultants will help your business evaluate its current IT infrastructure, and deliver a scalable tailor made solution aligned with your company’s goals and objectives. Our portfolio includes proven hardware, software, and communications solutions capable of supporting single-site or multiple location environments.  215


Our server management solutions provided includes proactive support, comprehensive server monitoring, hardware and resource trend reporting, hardware repair, operating system patch monitoring, alerting and installation services. The in-house expert hosting and networking teams work 24/7 to monitor, diagnose and support servers from hardware level all the way up to the operating system. All support issues are logged in the tracking system, with status updates around the clock. Through performance counters, a history of the server activity will be provided, including disk usage, CPU utilization and network activity.
Our Prototype IT team will work on the network to ensure that it is protected from unauthorized users by eliminating bottlenecks and responding to hardware and software malfunctions.
The desktop management service provides end-to-end management, by enabling a secure, stable work environment that operates efficiently and cost-effectively so organizations are able to manage their IT assets by driving down IT costs by optimizing hardware and software assets.  216


Remote Support technology tries to reduce helpdesk centers cost-issues – all transport-related expenses are immediately trimmed down, for instance. Modern day technology enables that any technician using Remote Support is able to assist a customer just like it was physically side-by-side. Technologies and tools like live chat, VoIP and desktop sharing enable a direct intervention in the remote system.  217


Project management is the practice of initiating, planning, executing, controlling, and closing the work of a team to achieve specific goals and meet specific success criteria at the specified time.The primary challenge of project management is to achieve all of the project goals within the given constraints.  218


Business analytics is a field that drives practical, data-driven changes in a business. It is a practical application of statistical analysis that focuses on providing actionable recommendations. Analysts in this field focus on how to apply the insights they derive from data.

Business analytics utilizes big data, statistical analysis, and data visualization to implement organization changes. Predictive analytics is an important aspect of this work as it involves available data to create statistical models. These models can be used to predict outcomes and inform decision making. By learning from existing data, business analytics can make concrete recommendations to solve problems and improve businesses.  219


Prototype IT offers clients a professional cabling infrastructure service. We are able to accomplish this through our strong commitment to our clients’ overall cabling needs.
Our Management team has many years’ experience within the industry, designing and implementing a wide range of cabling infrastructures.
As a network cabling solutions provider, we can accept responsibility for the design and implementation of multi-disciplinary cabling projects. Our policy is to implement every installation to a high standard, whilst displaying flexibility and understanding towards our clients’ business objectives. It is our total dedication that our clients truly appreciate, and therefore they consistently return time and again. This policy has led to an individual, close working relationship with each client. Although we have a strong and experienced team, our success is wholly due to the efforts of our workforce, who carry out their tasks within set guidelines and to the quality standards we demand.  220


Data security refers to the process of protecting data from unauthorized access and data corruption throughout its lifecycle. Data security includes data encryption, tokenization, and key management practices that protect data across all applications and platforms.

Benefits of managing cybersecurity?
• Protect networks and data from unauthorized access.
• Improved information security and business continuity management.
• Improved stakeholder confidence in your information security arrangements.
• Improved company credentials with the correct security controls in place.  221


Block nearly 100% of viruses, malware and spam before they ever reach your inbox.

Spam can make email a frustrating experience. Now we can offer you a practical solution: SpamExperts Cloud Based email security services, featuring unmatched accuracy, efficiency and user-friendliness.

Incoming Email Filtering
Protect your network, Eradicate Spam & Viruses from email before they ever reach your network

Outgoing Email Filtering
Protect your reputation, Stop  Spam & Viruses from ever unknowingly leaving your network

Email Archiving
Backup and Compliance, retain and ensure email data integrity for legal compliance  222


Designing is the key stage of creation of any IT infrastructure or IT system. Companies planning implementation of complex infrastructure IT solutions and software systems shall pay special attention to this stage and to choice of contractor. Open Technologies provides whole range of services in this field.

Infrastructure Architecture is a structured and modern approach for supporting an organization and facilitating innovation within an enterprise. It concerns modeling the hardware elements across an enterprise and the relationship between them.  223


Firewall Analyzer fetches the firewall configuration using CLI or API from your firewall devices and enables you to keep an eye on the changes being made to the network security infrastructure. Administrators may commit an unintentional error or carry out an improper change while acting on a firewall configuration change request giving room for breaches. This feature ensures that all the configurations and subsequent changes made in the Firewall device are captured periodically and stored in the database. Firewall Analyzer's configuration change management reports precisely helps find out 'who' made 'what' changes, 'when' and 'why' to the firewall configuration.


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